Is Online Investing for You?

Is Online Investing for You?
Is Online Investing for You?

Do you like helping others? Investing, specifically online investing can and will help others more than any other investment activity. Learn how here.

My name is Michael and if you want to know more about me & my wife before you listen to the powerful advice or recommendations we offer, you can read our About page to learn what we invest in along with the reason why.

Check Out the Free Videos about what we offer below too...! My name is Michael and if you want to know more about me & my wife before you listen to the powerful investing advice or recommendations we offer, you can read our About page to learn what we invest in along with the reason why.

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Online Investing: The Heart of It!

Most sites about online investing are all about investing in the stock market but the investment options here offer a much bigger return on your investment.

We will explain the absolute best way to invest your money in order to get sizable, continuous & consistent returns, even after you retire.

Although, as with any real business that has any real value, it will require some real, honest hard work to build up that kind of returns for the rest of your life but it will definitely be worth it.

Just don't expect or even hope to get rich right away because that only happens in the movies but if you follow our lead, becoming healthy, wealthy & rich is certainly possible.

It might be a good idea for you to leave now if you don't see any value in working together with other people to create a really powerful team that will build your business forever even when you are no longer able to work, if that ever happens.

Online investing is mostly a solo endeavor but the investment option below is much more profitable when a big group of people work together.

My wife & I named the site as we did because helping others really can be very profitable & secure if done right.

Of course, you may already have a business like ours and you're looking for ways to expand its' reach to more people and you might want to take a look at our 2nd Best Investing Option page.

Stock Market Investing

Many people believe that the best way to get a big return is by investing in the stock market.

Don't be stupid and don't believe it when someone says anyone can do it because most of us can't.

After all, it's not free to get into the investment world and unless you have a good amount of money to work with & potentially lose, it's going to take a long time to see any real ROI or Return On Investment from the Stock Market.

The investment option below is the safest investment option in the world but it will also provide you with returns that are much greater than any single returns from the stock market.

The best thing about this investment option is the fact that the returns keep coming long after you stop investing.

Many people search for "how to earn money from YouTube" and the investment option presented on this site will give you more money than you could ever earn on YouTube.

Realistically, the investment option Julie & I enjoy will be the only investment you'll need or want for the rest of your life too.

Your Best Option

This may be foreign to you and you might not believe it at first but that's okay.

If you keep reading and let us send you direct access to 10 incredible short videos about what we do, you'll really be glad you did.

This will teach you how online investing in your own physical health can make you very, very rich too.

Of course, when we talk about "online investing", we're talking about you using a great source that can be easily found online to build your health & stamina more than it is now.

What we are about to show you is how you can earn a lot of money just for helping other people with their physical health and no, you do not need a medical license to do this.

When you let others see how much you're earning for helping others, those people will be interested in how you do it.

This will allow you to train them in the same way my wife & I are training you right now and when those people help others to improve their health, you'll get paid even more.

On top of that, you will also be paid when the people those people help learn how to help others and you'll get paid 6 levels deep.

Meaning that you get paid for directly helping people get healthier & feel better but you'll get paid more when those people help others, you'll get paid more when those people help others, you'll get paid more when those people help others, you'll get paid more when those people help others and you'll get paid more when those people help others.

This really is incredible because you'll receive much more than all that money. You'll go on trips, you'll earn a new car, you'll get all kinds of recognition and much, much more.

This investment is something I've known about since I was 3-years-old in 1980 and because I grew up taking them, I wasn't able to see the incredible potential that had been "under-my-nose" for most of my life.

Shaklee has been a leader in their industry since 1956 and the doctor who founded it wanted to "step-out-of-the-box" by helping people get away from the dangerous medicines the medical field says we all need.

The man studied & researched foods that were completely natural without any kind of man-made pesticides, preservatives or ingredients and he took out all the parts our bodies need to be healthy to use in the company's completely natural food supplements and other health-related products my wife & I are now offering you.

Something you might want to keep in mind is that by choosing this option, you are not only investing your money but your love for other people too so your returns will be MUCH greater than any amount of money can provide, even though you'll also make a lot of that too.

Also, unlike any other kind of investment option where your returns stop as soon as you stop investing, this one will keep paying you month after month even after you stop doing any kind of work.

Before we'll train you to build your own business, it's very important that you know & believe in the products you're selling so we want you to read our page about the Shaklee Products first.

Before you join our Shaklee team, it's a great idea to submit your first name & email address in the form below so you'll receive 10 of the most fun introduction videos you've ever seen.

The doctor I just described was Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee and the company he founded --- the one you should take the time to really look into & research is on our page about Shaklee - Building Your Health & Financial Future.

Imagine This

I want you to imagine something you most likely have never thought of before.

I want you to picture yourself having your own business where you help other people (could be those you know & care for only but that would seriously limit your income).

Don't forget to add to this image the fact that you are getting paid for helping each & every person you help and you get paid in more than one way.

Now I want you to imagine yourself teaching or training all these people you help to do the same for other people and I want you to pretend that you are paid each week for the people you help but you are also paid for all the people they help.

I also want you to imagine that all these people that were taught by the people you taught are going to do the same by teaching others to do what those who taught them are doing and you're getting paid each & every week for ALL the people in your new "organization".

It doesn't end there either...!

What would it be like if you were paid all this money each & every week for the rest of your life and it ran 6 levels deep, meaning you get paid for all the people you train, all the people they train, all the people they train, all the people they train, all the people they train and all the people they train.

The whole while, you're still earning more & more money each & every week (your income doubles & sometimes triples each time you get paid too) and once you have a first level of people under you who are doing the same as you did, you wouldn't have to do anything more if you aren't able to or just don't want to.

On the other hand, most people are able to live very comfortably with the money they get paid just for teaching and/or training that first level of people under them but it makes them smile when their income increases even though they may not have done any work that week.

Although, because you enjoy helping people the way you would be, you never stop and you can even do this well-after you retire too.

On top of all that, this money you receive each & every week would keep coming in long after you die because, even though you wouldn't be building your team by helping others anymore, all those people in your organization would be so you could pass this income on to whatever family member or person you want.

Now I want you to imagine that this story isn't an imaginary story at all and it could be yours once you join our team below.

How to Get Paid in Shaklee

Getting paid through online investing is more simple than you might think.

It's been said that "The only thing you need to remember is how to get to the rank of Director because, after that, you're just doing the same thing again and again". Pretty accurate statement for online investing.

What is that "same thing"? It's about "3 & 10 Do it Again".

Starting any business, (especially your own) can be an overwhelming thing. We get that. It's tricky to know where to start. If you're like most people, life can get complicated and your time is limited. Like any new business effort, it takes a minute to understand where to use your time for online investing most effectively. It's important to work hard & smart, rather than just working hard.

At Shaklee, they've learned a few things over the past 50 years. They've learned what works, what doesn't as well as what's most important to focus on to get your online investing business growing & thriving.

You might be wondering, "Who dreamed up this "3 & 10 Do it Again" concept anyway?" Simply put, Shaklee has "intellectual capital" that very few companies of our kind have. We really do. Just look at all the successful people in Shaklee. We picked up this mantra for success from them; no sense in reinventing the wheel.

Shaklee literally has generations and generations of consistently successful leaders that have allowed us to consult with them, probe, question ... even interrogate (in a good way of course) so we can give our new independent distributors a few tips on the best way to build their businesses.

The "3 & 10 Do it Again" concept is the result of the Shaklee home office asking online investing field leaders one thing ...
    "What is the single most important thing a new business builder should focus on to grow their Shaklee business?"
Of course there are many ways to build a Shaklee business, but the majority of leaders agree on one thing...when you focus on attracting three business builders first, at least 10 product customers will emerge in the process.

So, if you don't remember anything else remember "3 & 10 Do it Again" It's a powerful concept. It's simple. When you have your dreams in sight, and you add a healthy dose of "3 & 10 Do it Again" ... well, good things happen.

Basically, the only thing you have to keep track of is who you've shared your new Shaklee business with and who you haven't. Shaklee keeps track of everything else so you can concentrate on sharing with as many people as you can.

Ask for Guidance Here

If you submit your name & email in the form below, we will send you some great videos about what to do and if interested, you can start building your own empire too.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in increasing their income with less work each week?

If so, then you already know of a great person to share your new Shaklee empire or business with and before long, you could be helping a great number of people while earning a lot of money per week or month the way many people who have their own Shaklee business are now.

This is a real business with a real potential for a stress-free life where you won't have to worry about money ever again.

Only Serious Business-Builders

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see in image.


Another Great Option

Julie & I strongly recommend you do this to promote your Shaklee business if you want to help more people around the world but this investment option is only for those who enjoy spending hours & hours online.

Although, you would only be putting in that kind of time in the very beginning while the rewards would be that you never have to do it again as long as you let us guide you to do it right.

After both of my severe auto accidents, I wasn't able to get out for any kind of work or physical labor so I had to find other ways to use the skills & talents I still have to my financial advantage.

I saw an ad that was talking about how any Web surfer could learn to build their own profitable site from start to finish and how this particular program would supply EVERYTHING I would need to build it right so I wouldn't have to pay for any extras or any other features or programs.

I noticed the ad at just the right time because I was curious to know more and I clicked.

I had thoughts of building a high-ranking site that would attract all kinds of free traffic (by the way, free traffic is the best because the visitors to your site arrived on their own & of their own accord, which makes them able to trust you & your site much easier) at no cost to me.

The ad was for a program called Site Build It! and you can visit that page on our site to learn more about it and to watch quite a few fun videos too.

Your Next Step

Getting Around this Site

As of right now, this online investing site has a 3-tier navigation system. In other words, this homepage is the 1st tier, any pages you can get to from this one are our 2nd tier pages while every page listed on our site blog can be as deep as our 3rd tier.

Secure Online
Investing Site Blog

My wife & I are in the business of helping others when we can. Whether that be with their health or their financial situation and if you'd like to know more about how we can help you, just leave your name & email in the form above and one of us will send you some great training videos.

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