About Michael & Julie

Michael & Julie getting married in June of 2014

My name is Michael and this page talks more about how my wife Julie & I became investors.

We both want you to know that it's our goal to really get to know each & every person who has any desire to become successful at investing the way we have and this site will explain how you can do that below.

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More About Michael & Julie

My wife & I are in the business of helping people who help then help even more people and the two of us get paid for helping all the people in our organization - even those we may not have ever met or even had a conversation with.

The great thing is that our income doubles & sometimes triples each & every month but the amount of work we have to do gets less & less each month...!

It's our mission to invite possible business partners to take a look at Shaklee so they can evaluate the potential business opportunity and decide if they want to do what the two of us are doing.

About Michael

I grew up in the north eastern corner of the US State of Maryland (just on the tip of the Chesapeake Bay) and I was killed 3 times in 1994 at the age of 17.

The first of my two severe auto accidents left me in a coma for 40 days followed by more than a year of hard work in several different rehabilitation hospitals.

My second accident almost left me with no lower legs because I was walking down the shoulder of the road when a large Lincoln Towncar hit me at 65 MPH and it shattered both of my legs from the knees down.

Trying to live on my own for more than a decade with no income other than what I received for my disabilities was very hard until I had no other choice than to move back in with my parents for a while.

If it wasn't for the fact that I've been taking Shaklee since I was 3, I don't believe I would have recovered anywhere near as good as I have.

It really was only by the Grace of God that I've been able to completely turn my life around and since I met Julie & she became my wife, everything seems to be going much better for both of us.

If you'd like to know more on my accidents and even see some pictures of what happened to me or my car, you can Visit our page on Shaklee.

Because of all the hard times I've been through, I had no choice but to learn how to properly invest my money to get a bigger return every time since I started with little to no capital for investing.

The reason I built this site was primarily so my wife & I wouldn't have to constantly worry about going out to meet new people who might be interested in joining us with Shaklee but also because I enjoy doing things I'm good at.

About Julie

Julie grew up in a rough neighborhood and it made her into a really loving & caring woman who is now a very wise investor as well.

The suffering she dealt with really taught her the importance of having good connections in a strong community.

She's the youngest of six and she was taught that family is very important.

Even though Julie & her family struggled through many hard times, it was all worth it in the end.

Best Online Investing Option

This investment is something I've known about since I was 3-years-old in 1980 and because I had grown up taking them, I wasn't able to see the incredible potential that had been "under-my-nose" for most of my life.

Shaklee has been a leader in their industry since 1956 and the doctor who founded it wanted to "step-out-of-the-box" by helping people get away from the dangerous medicines the medical field says we all need.

The man studied & researched foods that were completely natural without any kind of man-made pesticides, preservatives or ingredients and he took out all the parts our bodies need to be healthy to use in the company's completely natural food supplements and other health-related products my wife & I are now offering you.

Something you might want to keep in mind is that by choosing this option, you are not only investing your money but your love for other people too so your returns will be MUCH greater than any amount of money can provide, even though you'll also make a lot of that too.

Also, unlike any other kind of investment option where your returns stop as soon as you stop investing, this one will keep paying you month after month even after you stop doing any kind of work.

Before we'll train you to build your own business, it's very important that you know & believe in the products you're selling so we want you to read our page about the Shaklee Products first.

Before you join our Shaklee team, it's a great idea to submit your first name & email address in the form below so you'll receive 10 of the most fun introduction videos you've ever seen.

The doctor I just described was Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee and the company he founded --- the one you should take the time to really look into & research is on our page about Shaklee - Building Your Health & Financial Future.

Joining Our Team

Since it is our intention to keep everything we do & say to everyone we meet easily duplicatable, it would be best if you submit your information so we can send you those 10 great videos first.

On the other hand, if you wish to skip the videos and join our team now, you can visit the site below and look for the tab near the top that says, "Start a Business".

The link above will take you to a more detailed page on this site but if you want to see the real Shaklee website or if you're ready to join us now, you can visit the Official Shaklee Website.

Ask for Guidance Here

If you submit your name & email in the form below, we will send you some great videos about what to do and if interested, you can start building your own empire too.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in increasing their income with less work each week?

If so, then you already know of a great person to share your new Shaklee empire or business with and before long, you could be helping a great number of people while earning a lot of money per week or month the way many people who have their own Shaklee business are now.

This is a real business with a real potential for a stress-free life where you won't have to worry about money ever again.

Only Serious Business-Builders

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see in image.


Another Great Option

This investment option is only for those who enjoy spending hours & hours online...!

After both of my severe auto accidents, I wasn't able to get out for any kind of work or physical labor so I had to find other ways to use the skills & talents I still have to my financial advantage.

I saw an ad that was talking about how any Web surfer could learn to build their own site from start to finish and how this particular program would supply EVERYTHING I would need to build it right so I wouldn't have to pay any extra for any other features or programs.

Obviously, I noticed the ad at just the right time because I was curious to read more and I clicked on this ad.

The ad was for a program called Site Build It! and you can read that page on our site to learn more about it.

Your Next Step

My wife & I are in the business of helping others when we can.

Whether that be with their health or their financial situation and if you'd like to know more about how we can help you, just leave your name & email in the form above and one of us will send you some great training videos that will either excite you about building your own Shaklee business or they won't but it'll be totally up to you.

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    My name is Michael and this page talks more about how my wife Julie & I became investors.

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