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Are you looking for a good link exchange with a reputable, well-known site about investing?  If so, you can read below for more details...!

My name is Michael and if you want to know more about me & my wife before you listen to the advice or recommendation we offer, you can read our About page to learn what we invest in along with the reason we do it.

Exchange Links by Posting Our Link First

The code at the bottom of each page of our site will take a prospective visitor from your site to that page on our site and you must post one of our links on your site in a place where it will be noticed and where it will become a clickable link.

In other words, you have to decide what page of our site you want to send visitors to from your site and you will get the link code for any page we have from the bottom of that particular page.

Then, once you've posted a link to any page on our site from any 1st, 2nd or 3rd Tier page of your site, we will then post a reciprocal link back to your site from the same page you send people to.

This will be a good action step to the Search Engines because of how helpful it will be to the people who visit each of our sites --- if they look around either of our sites and they want to come back to the one they were on first, they won't have to use their Back button to do so.

The more any webmaster is able to be considerate & helpful to their site's visitors, the higher the engines will rank us.

It wouldn't make any sense to send people to this page so that's not an option...!

Once you've successfully posted the link above or the one from the bottom of any of our pages on your site, you can send your site's linking information to me using the form below and once I confirm the link to our site is on the page you give me below, I will then post a reciprocal link back to your site from the page on our site you send visitors to from yours.

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