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Secure Online Investing - Home

Do you like helping others? Investing, specifically online investing can and will help others more than any other investment activity. Learn how here.

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1 - Shaklee Products - Best Place to Start

You should really try, use and get to know the Shaklee products before my wife and I will train you to build your own successful Shaklee business the way we have...!

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2 - Shaklee, Build Your Health and Financial Future

This is what Shaklee has done to improve my life as well as my wife's life and this is how it can do the same for you...!

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3 - Best Option for Investing but Why?

Read this page to learn why your best option is to build your own Shaklee business because you will not only improve your health but you'll also be paid well for helping others do the same...!

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4 - Site Build It!

This page explains how Site Build It! was able to change/improve my life and my wife's life in a very positive way...!

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About Michael and Julie

My name is Michael and this page talks more about how my wife Julie & I became investors.

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Online Investing?

Interested in online investing? Many people have tried to get rich with it, most have failed miserably and a few have succeeded. Let us show you the way to success.

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Angel Investors?

Angel investors are simply wealthy people who offer financial assistance to a new business but what if my wife and I could show you a way to receive a much bigger return on your investment...?

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AMEX - Should You Invest?

Before you try to get rich by investing in AMEX, we want to let you know about a much better investment option...!.

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Yahoo Finance - Not a Wise Investment

At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards and mortgage rates but...

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Invest Money, Should You?

Question: Should you invest money? Answer: Only if your return will be better than your investment with 100% certainty...!

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Real Estate School?

If you want to attend the best real estate school, my wife and I have to wonder why? The investment option we offer to help you with has a much better Return On Investment. Check it out here...!

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If you're thinking about investing in commodities, be careful because there is a much better investment option that has a much bigger ROI...!

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Benefits of Building a Shaklee Business

What are the benefits of having your own business? What are your dreams? A new car? Travel? Time with family? Work with people you enjoy? Find out how to have all of that on this page.

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WMT: Ticker Symbol for Walmart

Many believe that investing in WMT or Walmart is a good move and that may be true for some but that wouldn't be so for everyone...!

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Cash Flow: What's Yours Like?

Having a good cash flow and being rich won't make you happy but being able to buy what you need when you need it sure helps. For that, you need a good, reliable source of income...!

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IPO: What is it and what will it do for you?

An IPO or Initial Public Offering is a handy piece of information that gives investors a sneak peak at soon-to-come stocks that are on the uprise.

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Energy Efficiency?

Looking for more energy efficiency? What if my wife and I could show you a way to never worry about it at all...?

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Investing Reviews?

Here are the investing reviews of a couple who's been doing it for years but do they really have any clue of what they're talking about...?

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Whole Foods - A Good Investment?

Whole Foods Markets are good but is this a good investment option?

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BP or British Petroleum?

What is BP all about and are they a good investment option?

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Bitcoin: Is It a Good Investment?

Even though the US Treasury called the bitcoin a decentralized virtual currency, some say it's not a real currency at all but it's been predicted that it will come into great power soon.

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Asset Management?

Could asset management help you or your business? Is that an important expense you should fit into your budget? Find out for sure on this page.

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Stanford: Should You Invest?

Stanford is one of the world's foremost teaching and research universities but do they teach anything that will help a student learn how to properly invest in their future?

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Wells Fargo: Should You Invest?

What can Wells Fargo do for your investment portfolio...?

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Walmart: Should You Invest In It?

The Walmart franchise is huge but yet, can you still earn some good money as a return when you invest in them...?

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Taking a Vacation by Properly Investing

If you'd like to be taking a vacation right now, this page will explain a few of the most important things you need to do to make that happen...!

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Sports Nutrition: Benefits of Investing in

As any trainer will tell you, taking care of the body with proper sports nutrition when you're not training is more important than doing so while you're in the heat of working out...!

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Social Marketing - How to Benefit from It

This page will discuss social marketing and how Shaklee Health Advisers can really benefit from it.

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Before investing in any kind of securities, STOP and read this page to learn more about the best kind of investment in the world...!

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Save a Life by Investing in Good Shaklee Nutrition

There's a lot of hype about how people should "save a life" by doing this or that but realistically, Shaklee is what saved my life. Read more here...!

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Retirement Planning by Investing Well

If you are stupid enough to think you can really do any retirement planning, you might want to look at what my wife and I have found to be the best way to invest in your future...!

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Renewable Energy: A Good Investment

"United Nations' Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that renewable energy has the ability to lift the poorest nations to new levels of prosperity."

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Real Estate News

Much better than real estate news would be news of how you can easily obtain as much real estate as you want.

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Real Estate Investment

People think real estate investment is the best kind is because homes with land will ALWAYS be in demand but how would you like to receive a rent that doubles or sometimes triples each month...?

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Real Estate Investing Online

Real Estate Investing Online is a very wise option for some but not all..!

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Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing works well for a few but not for everyone. Take a look at any of the great ways to invest without any of the risk on this page...!

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Online Trading Investing

Searching for "online trading investing" or something close to that? Take a look at what Michael and Julie have to say about it...!

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Online Investing Tools Are Dangerous

Looking for some online investing tools? Read about the terrible things that can happen if you're not careful...!

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Online Investing for Beginner

If you're doing a search to learn more about "online investing for beginner" or something associated with that phrase, you might want to have a look at what my wife Julie and I have found...!

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Online Investing Course

I know you're looking for an Online Investing Course but the truth is, you only need to know the basics to be successful...!

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Online Bank - Is It Necessary?

Having access to an online bank is certainly a requirement for this job since you''ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month..!

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If you have anything to do with the world of trading, then you know what the "NYSE" is but if not, my wife and I explain it in detail here...!

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Nasdaq - Can You Profit from This?

Nasdaq is great for trading and trading is great for making a ton of money but the money stops as soon as you stop investing. Although, the investment option my wife and I found pays you forever.

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Mutual Funds?

By investing in mutual funds, you have no way of knowing how secure each source of income will be for any length of time but the investment option on this page is much more reliable...!

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Mutual Fund Investing

Looking to learn more about mutual fund investing? This website will guide you down the right path...!

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Investment Advisors

As a happily married couple, my wife and I are the best investment advisors you'll find anywhere.

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Investing Strategies

The best investing strategies come from your own life experience. With the right guidance, your dreams of success can be yours too...!

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Investing Online

If interested in investing online, it would be worth your while to read more about what my wife Julie and I found with it...!

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