Shaklee - Build Your
Health & Financial Future

Shaklee, Build Your Health and Financial Future

This is what Shaklee has done to improve my life as well as my wife's life and this is how it can do the same for you...!

Check Out the Free Videos about what we offer below too...! My name is Michael and if you want to know more about me & my wife before you listen to the powerful investing advice or recommendations we offer, you can read our About page to learn what we invest in along with the reason why.

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The Best Option for Investing

You should really try, use and get to know the Products before my wife and I will train you to build your own successful business the way we have.

Of the many investing options Julie & I discovered, this one is the most powerful...!

There was a great doctor back in the early part of the 20th century named Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee and he wanted to "step-out-of-the-box" by providing his patients wilh the best way to not only feel better but to build the health of their bodies.

He wanted to build them up to the point where those people would never get sick at all, at least not in any way that can be prevented by our body's natural defenses.

The man was a strong believer in God and the doctor wanted to discover the foods the Lord wanted each of us to eat so as to properly build the cell tissue of His most holy temple or our bodies.

As most people understand, the core desire of each & every person on earth is to help others when & where we can.

Yes, even those who won't admit it...!

That's the reason this option is the most powerful of all we've seen --- because each & every Shaklee distributor is seriously helping other people improve their health while seriously improving their own financial future.

Something you might want to keep in mind is that by choosing this option, you are not only investing your money but your love for other people too so your returns will be MUCH greater than any amount of money can provide.

Shaklee Saved His Life

As you'll read about on our Sports Nutrition page, giving your body the right nutrition is very much like trying to build a good, strong house with "less-than-the-best" equipment or materials.

It's just not going to work out the way you want but when I was 17-years-old in 1994, I was just as rebellious as every one of us were at that age because I was up all night at a party all my friends threw to honor my last night on the road for a long, long time.

You see, I had accumulated 8 traffic violations on my record in a very short time and I had to serve trial for all 8 on the same day.

To keep a long story short, it should be easy to imagine that I left this party at about 5:00 in the morning because I had to be seated in the courtroom in front of the judge by no later than 8 O`clock that morning.

I'm sure you can picture how tired & exhausted I was so it's not hard to imagine how & why I fell asleep behind the wheel.

Although, it's a shame that I slowly lost consciousness at the top of a tall hill with a long straightaway going down the other side and I slowly drifted off the left side of the road where my front left tire dropped into a ditch before slamming into a drain pipe that ran under a driveway causing my car to flip end over end 3 or 4 times before landing on its' roof in the next driveway.

Passenger Side of Michael's Car in 1994
Driver Side of Michael's Car in 1994

Yes, I know that there are some people who post pictures of others online and say they're those people but this is actually a real picture of my 1987 Dodge Shadow taken after it had been towed to the junkyard.

So What Happened to Him?

As I was being flown to Baltimore's Shock Trauma Hospital in the Medic-Vac Chopper, my heart stopped beating 3 separate times but luckily for me (I say it was God), the head nurse on my recovery team knew of me through a friendship she had with my mother.

Because she knew of me through my mother, the nurse elected to fly all the way down to Baltimore to continue giving me CPR herself.

I am so happy she did because no one else on the chopper knew me at all so they might not have been so diligent about keeping me alive.

Anyway, I remained in a comatose state for the next 40 days but when I came out of it, I remembered nothing from my life before the accident --- I didn't remember how to walk or talk or eat or drink or even breathe for a while.

After 13 months of inpatient rehabilitation at 3 different hospitals in 2 different states, I was able to return to my home high school to complete the last marking period of my Senior Year but I had to get around with a walker the whole time.

Everyone thought I'd be like that for the rest of my life but they didn't know I was seriously taking or should I say drinking a lot of the Physique.
Shaklee Physique
I used to think the Physique (link below) was the most powerful help anyone can get from Shaklee because it has a patent-pending bio-build formula that was originally designed to help body-builders increase their muscle-mass with completely all-natural ingredients the way God intended.

I didn't want to take handfuls of supplements every day so the Shaklee Physique was my best option for optimal health but now I know I need to take the Vitalizer strip every day to be the healthiest I can be.

Keep reading for a link to the Shaklee Physique & Vitalizer too...

His Second Near-Death Accident

It was in late January of 1997 when I was living on my own in a small apartment in the town I grew up in.

Because I didn't have a washer & drier in my small apartment and I hated the strong chemical smell coming from the laundry mat in the next block, I decided to carry my dirty laundry the 5 miles out of town to my parent's place so I could wash my clothes there.

Unfortunately, there was a big Lincoln Towncar flying down the road behind me and the driver must have taken her attention off the road for just a second because she slammed into the left side of my left knee --- shattering both my tibia & fibula bones at the top & bottom of each in both of my legs.

Not only that but my left hand went through her windshield as I was thrown up in the air before landing in the middle of the road with blood squirting out of my left leg where the bone had literally torn through the skin.

2nd Accident - Sitting Up
2nd Accident - Lower Right Leg

2nd Accident - Left Knee
2nd Accident - Tibia and Fibula

If interested, you can try the Physique or Vitalizer Risk-Free for 90 days to be sure it can do the same for you.

Just go to the Physique page or the Vitalizer page.

What Did Shaklee Do for Julie?

Julie is a beautiful black woman who grew up with a momma who really knew how to cook.

It's just that her wonderful mother (God bless her) didn't know that the body is not able to do anything with this new GMO wheat on the market so Julie had a few extra pounds when the two of us met.

When we got married & were living together, I was able to help her lose her unwanted extra weight using many of the Shaklee Weight Loss products, even though the Physique would have done just as well.

If interested, you can try the Shaklee Weight Loss products Risk-Free for 90 days too so you can be sure they'll do the same for you but remember. Julie was very dedicated to taking them as often as Shaklee suggests on the package directions.

How His Family Discovered the Company

It happened when I was just a 3-year-old little boy in 1980 when I kept getting sick about every other week and my parents had no idea what the problem was.

A nice lady my mother worked with asked what was going on before my mom just shook her head as she explained that, "My son seems to catch everything a person can catch" and the nice lady slowly nodded her head just before offering to stop by my family's house where she would show us how to fix me. ***smile***

She started off by asking questions to give herself a better idea of what was going on.

She asked...
    What do you guys know (the nice lady was speaking to my mother & father) about the importance of people eating the real, natural foods God put on this earth to keep us all healthy?
To keep a long story short again, I'll just tell you that my parents had placed an order for maybe a dozen or so products from Shaklee and these products were drop-shipped to our front door.

Like I said above, this investment is something I've known about since I was 3-years-old in 1980 and because I had grown up taking them, I wasn't able to see the incredible potential that had been "under-my-nose" for most of my life.

Shaklee has been a leader in their industry since 1956 and the doctor who founded it wanted to "step-out-of-the-box" by helping people get away from the dangerous medicines the medical field says we all need.

The man studied & researched foods that were completely natural without any kind of man-made pesticides, preservatives or ingredients and he took out all the parts our bodies need to be healthy to use in the completely natural food supplements and other health-related products my wife & I are now offering you.

Something you might want to keep in mind is that by choosing this option, you are not only investing your money but your love for other people too so your returns will be MUCH greater than any amount of money can provide.

Also, unlike any other kind of investment option where your returns stop as soon as you stop investing, this one will keep paying you month after month even after you stop doing any kind of work.

That doctor's name was Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee and the company he founded --- the one you should take the time to really look into & research is on our page about Shaklee Products - Start with Yourself.

Before you join our Shaklee team, it's a great idea to submit your first name & email address in the form below so you'll receive 10 of the most fun introduction videos you've ever seen.

As you'll see up on our Nav Bar to your left just under the button for this page is a button to another page that explains Shaklee as Your Best Option for Investing.

Joining Our Team

Since it is our intention to keep everything we do & say to everyone we meet easily duplicatable, it would be best if you submit your information so we can send you those 10 great videos first.

On the other hand, if you wish to skip the videos and join our team now, you can visit the site below and look for the tab near the top that says, "Start a Business".

The link above will take you to a more detailed page on this site but if you want to see the real Shaklee website or if you're ready to join us now, you can visit the Official Shaklee Website.

Ask for Guidance Here

If you submit your name & email in the form below, we will send you some great videos about what to do and if interested, you can start building your own empire too.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in increasing their income with less work each week?

If so, then you already know of a great person to share your new Shaklee empire or business with and before long, you could be helping a great number of people while earning a lot of money per week or month the way many people who have their own Shaklee business are now.

This is a real business with a real potential for a stress-free life where you won't have to worry about money ever again.

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